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Blue dragon dropped / new one shot ;)

Ok so blue dragon is dropped the reason why is following:

#1. lack of staff the staff we had for it was me alone for awhile then m2dane and it was just too much for us to handle alone (yes I know some of you offered to help and im sorry I didn’t get to explain this to you but this is the simple way)

#2. TOWNL picked up this project TOWNL is one of my favorite scanlation groups so I am happy that they picked it up and I am looking forward to more releases from them.

Now on a better note we have our first new release of 07 : Tell me a lie

Tell me a lie is a new one shot by the mangaka of Detective conan it ran in Young Sunday and this is a joint between MMS and Knightus Detective Conan Linker.

Summary –Tell Me A Lie is about a girl Terumi Arai who has the ability to read a persons mind when she is looking into their eyes.

Link to download :

And now the request for staff:

MMS needs staff so we can do new projects there are a ton out there I would like to see done but I need Japanese to English translators and Editors / Textsetters so we can get them started.

#1 priority : Reverend D Chapter 02 needs a Japanese to English translator chapter one will be out soon but we need a Japanese to English translator to do the second chapter and that would be willing to keep translating when the series returns.

Here are a few projects I have been thinking about doing :

Kochi Kame – If there is any Japanese to English Translators out there wanting to do this manga contact me I know a ton of people that would love to edit/textset this manga.

Samurai Usagi – This is a new weekly shonen jump series if I can get staff I will do this one but otherwise this isn’t a manga I am super into.

Anyways thanks for your time enjoy tell me a lie and hope to get more projects soon


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Blue Dragon Chapter 01 status page

This update is to show you the progress of our BD editing

Currntly : Cleaning

Page’s left to do : 56

Cleaners working on it : 1 ssjohn

Text setter is awaiting cleaned scans to start and translations are complete ^-^

I will keep this page updated thru out the time i am working on it ^-^

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Scanlation update

Hey guy’s sorry for the lack of updates >.< its been a long long year for me.

I found out that i have a ‘Orthocondroma’ (sp?) its a tumor in my leg this has ment going to doctors and trying to find out what the heck was wrong with me. It turns out im ok the tumro is not cancerise(sp?) and i should be fine i have to go back in april for my exams and such and then talk about surgy (Oh fun!)

Now onto the news :
Reverned D chapter 01 translations are being worked on now ^-^ Chapter 2 will come soon after but with good news comes bad. Reverend D is on a hiatus in comic rex for what reason we do not know at this moment but we will let you know asap.

Our focus is a little changed i was thinking about it and decided that we will not be doing lincecnced titles this comes as i think there are enough unlincenced titles we can foucs on and if one of our titles gets linceceds we will go from there.

and now a new project Blue Dragon – Ral Ω Grado we will be doing HQ scanlations of this manga which Art is being done by Obata the artist behind Death note and Hikaru no go.

We need Cleaners super bad to keep doing BD-RΩG for the fact that its not a easy manga to clean by your self >.

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Reverend D chapter 00

Hey its our first releases Reverend D chapter 00 wow this is a cool chapter and a awsome way to start the manga off ^_^.

Reverend D – The evil Solomon’s Child are turning people into Red Dust and it is up to our hero’s Shik and Ryoji Kamishro Damien there talking pig and the gang to stop them. It is up to them to stop the 72 devils of the Solomons will they be able to defeat the devils or will they be defeated first? Read and find out

Now time to thank the staff that helped us out with chapter 00 from MMS
Cleaning : ssjohn

Text setting : M2Dane

Translateing : yoropiko ,M2Dane

Raws :
And now that that thanks is done and the welcome post umm lets put a little Rant in here just for fun hu?

1 day just ONE day tell Xenosaga episode 3 comes out in USA 1 day tell we can find out the ending to Xenosaga series >.< ok maybe not beat it in one day but still 😛 it is going to be lots of fun playing it and i will most likely be sad when i beat it. But i still have Xenosaga on the DS to look forward too ^_^.

Ok you sat thru enought rant there and i can save Jesse McCartney for next time XD here it is Rev D chapter 00

Chapter 00 [MMS] enjoy and look forward to chapter one comeing soon ^_^


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Welcome ^_^

Hey there ^_^ another day another Scanlation group trying to make its start ^_^ We here at Mega Manga Scanlations (MMS for short) have a hand full of projects in mind for youout side of the ‘big named titles’. We will NOT BE DOINGanything that is already being done by another group (Unless the project is dead or stalled for a very very long time and then we will talk to the group and find out whats going on and then think about doing it or the project is being doneLQ and we think we could do HQ ). Are Main projects will be Reverend D by the Mangaka of GTO this manga runs in Comic Rex a monthly magazine in Japan our chapter 00 should be out soon scanlated by us. Next we have Blue Dragon – Ral Ω Grado this manga is being drawn by Obata the artist behind Death note and Hikaru no go we will be doing HQ scanlations of this manga ^^

So get ready cuz this is going to be a long and bumpy ride!

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